The Botanist is a 2D fantasy RPG intended for release on multiple platforms, including web, Android and iOS. The game features an immersive universe with deep supporting mythology and lore; a relative rarity among mobile games.

Key Features

Story & Universe

The story and universe of The Botanist takes inspiration from the depth and immersiveness of J.R.R. Tolkien’s life’s work. It is my hope that we can build an immersive history and supporting mythology around The Botanist’s universe. Even throwaway side-quests and discoverable items in dungeons should have some degree of mythology and history attached to them. The method for building the supporting universe will be through a series of short stories that explore the lives and adventures of mythological characters and items. The stories and mythology will be made available both in-game and online. The stories should be compelling enough to be read without context.

Game World & Ambiance

The size and scope of the physical game world takes inspiration from the Elder Scroll series. While our graphics and gameplay can.t compare, we should strive to build a large explorable world, with as many custom touches and surprising details scattered throughout a vast, designed landscape. While some dungeons may be procedurally generated, the outerworld itself should be hand-designed. A combination of custom-designed artwork and custom-written music on top of a hand-sculpted map should lead to a game where people enjoy exploring the expanses of the outerworld.

Gameplay Length, Semi-Linearity, and Replayability

A fully non-linear gameplay system isn.t feasible with our constraints, however our goal will be to develop 7 hours of the main plotline and 3 hours of scripted side-quests. Procedurally generated dungeons and a large landscape will also add additional gameplay. However, the use of different character types, skill trees, and a time-based skill enhancement system should lend to replayability of the game.

Mobile Platforms

There are very few immersive, story-driven games for mobile platforms. Once the game passes the prototype stage, we’ll concentrate on making sure the game works well on mobile platforms so that mobile users can enjoy an immersive gaming experience.